Less is more

"Sonia is a true professional and a delightful person. She really took the time to understand what we actually wanted and needed at all times; discovering, designing and organizing everything so that it would truly be OUR wedding. Thanks to her and her dedication, it was that much sweeter… She listened patiently to our often silly comments, our ideas and our wishes until she was able to make them come true. She adapted our wedding to a single sentence, found the right materials and the ideal professionals. She also strictly adhered to our budget, as much a perfeccionist with attention to detail as if it were her own wedding. With her and her team, it was all much easier and simple; they saved us a lot of time and work and gave us the peace of mind that everything was under control.  The experience of entrusting our wedding to such a professional and friendly team is one of the best memories we have from the wedding. A sincere thank-you".

Nathaly & Roger, Barcelona
Wedding, July 28th, 2012

For the wedding, we used an historic minimalist building built for the 1929 International Exposition of Barcelona. The pure lines of the building, combined with the lush Mediterranean gardens surrounding it and its location within Barcelona, were the keys that convinced our couple.

The couple met each other studying Architecture at the university, so the central theme was based on a concept of style and content that they shared: Less is More. This motif, the minimalist style and the pure lines, along with the black, silver and orange colors characterized the designs, the wedding decorations, the design of the invitations and the choice of space.

The seating chart was designed by the Yes I do team using pencils bearing the motto of the newlyweds.  Each pencil bore a label which indicated where each person was seated for the banquet. The couple are fervent admirers of Mies van der Rohe (who coined the phrase “Less is More”); as a nod to this artist, the guests received a notebook at their tables featuring the complete menu to be served. In addition, it occurred to us that we could utilize the drawing skills of Roger and Nathaly for making the table numbers using architecture related rough sketches made by the bride and groom themselves. We provided the ideal card holders, adding that extra little touch that helped complete the look.

The chill out area was designed using straight lines and we chose orange carpeting here to add a dash of color, harmony and elegance to the area.  The furniture was square and we combined white and black.