Luxury and color

Tania & Praneet, New York
Wedding, July 9th, 2010

For Catalan native, Tania, and Praneet, Indian, one the most emblematic, avant-garde hotels in Barcelona, affording impressive sea views, was chosen for their wedding. Due to the different origins of the Bride and Groom and to the location of the union, we wanted to combine elements of the Hindu culture: leaves, flowers, delicate arches and latticework, as well as saffron tones, with elements of the Mediterranean culture: the location itself and tones of sand and silver, stylish contemporary colors which lent a modern, Western air to the event.

All of the floral decoration for the ceremony and the banquet, including the Candy buffet, combined the most typical colors found in the Indian culture, such as fuchsia and saffron, with flowers native to the Mediterranean area. Silver-colored filigree vases were used for the flower arrangements with detailing reminiscent of the Groom’s family heritage. The wedding favors chosen were a personalized silver-colored fan and a bottle of wine with a picture of the couple taken in Central Park, New York, their place of residence.

The candy buffet was decorated using pink and orange tones in keeping with the color scheme of the rest of the wedding. The highlight of the event was a group of traditional Indian artists who performed folk dances throughout the banquet hall amid the tables after dessert was served.