Floral poetry

Yes I do team:

Thank you very much for everything!
Thank you for having so much patience to handle all the pressure of the wedding.
It was fantastic, better than what I was dreaming!

Estefanía & Remon, Barcelona
Wedding, September 8th, 2017 - 120 guests

Estefanía, colombian and Remon, dutch, got married in the fabulous Bell Recó in the outskirts of Barcelona.

They wanted a different wedding with dinner outside in a very romantic, elegant and natural atmosphere with a lot of floral decorations in pink, white and mallow shades with gold touches.

We created a personalized logo with the names of the couple that was applied on all the wedding stationery and laser cutted in wood and painted in rose gold to be placed in a photocall that welcomed the guests.

In the entrance of the ceremony area a big flower arch was placed and inside we transformed the space covering with flowers the rails of the stairs, the altar and the sides of the wedding aisle.

The guests could find their seats in a seating plan that we designed decorated in its entirety with flowers in the same colors of the rest of the wedding.

Because they got married in dates marked by the beginning of the autumn rains it was necessary to place a tent and in order to achieve the desired aesthetic we choose a marquee with transparent ceilings so it was possible to still have the sensation of a dinner outside. We proposed to cover the entirety of the tent structure with greens so it had a natural look and not the typical tent look. The lightning was done with crystal chandeliers to add an elegant touch.

For the dessert, the couple cut an spectacular cake of 1,50m height decorated with garlands of roses and orchids.

The dinner was entertained by performances of singers and dancers. After the dinner they had a performance of a fun group of colombian music and a DJ accompanied by a saxophonist from Ibiza.

Pictures: ©Black&Blanc