"When we say that Yes I do creates magic, people seem surprised.
When they see all the little details, they’ll understand"

Sonia Servent, founder of Yes I do

At Yes I do, it is very clear to us that your wedding invitation is like a letter of introduction; the beginning of a voyage, of a road your guests will travel with you all the way to the altar and beyond. If the invitation is overdone, people will think that the wedding is going to be ostentatious; if it is creative, then they will expect something unique.

From the very beginning, Yes I do has believed in customizing each union exclusively, from the invitations to the menu cards and seating chart. We simply cannot allow our newlyweds to find their invitations somewhere else being used at another wedding or feel that the invitations fail to capture their unique style and personality; that is why we insist on exclusivity.

Currently, at Yes I do, we have a design department that transforms each couple’s main theme into the necessary elements: the “Save the date” cards and the invitations; the menu cards; seating chart, directional signs; declarations of love and even the thank-you cards at the end. Everything is conceived, designed and made exclusively for Yes I do’s engaged couple and is not available any other way.

We believe that this is one way to strengthen our commitment to exclusivity, innovation and loyalty with the couple.

Something else that sets us apart are our buffets. At Yes I do, we have closed the door on the boring receptions of the past with the typical white tables and we have opened another for our clients with infinite exquisite and enchanting possibilities. From the dessert buffet, which is a delight for even the most discerning sweet tooth, to a buffet featuring natural refreshments; all decorated with a great deal of care and attention, so that the mere sight of them causes a ripple of excitement.

At Yes I do, we know that the decoration is more than mere appearance, and actually creates an ambiance by conveying sensations and the spirit of an unforgettable day. For this reason, Yes I do also offers exclusive materials for decorating your wedding which are very difficult to come by, such as glistening crystal chandeliers and elaborate vases for the tables. Yes I do has the means and offers those means to their clients.

At Yes I do, we are not only mindful of the small details; our vast and varied experience has taught us that preparation and planning is essential. With this in mind, we have learned to use the AutoCAD programs in order to make the site maps to scale ourselves and be able to modify them if necessary without depending upon anyone else.