Colours and elegance

Hi Yes I do team,
Thank you for your help and amazing planning. Everything went smoothly and we could not be any happier. Both our families are over the moon and our guests had a fabulous time.
The team was professional and met all our expectations. The logistics, decor, entertainment, venues were just perfect and magical.
Thank you for your hard work and effort. This really was a truly special three days that we will never forget.

Anam & Haider, London
Wedding, September 15th-17th, 2016 - 330 guests

Anam and Haider are a couple from the UK with Pakistani roots that decided to celebrate their 3-day wedding celebration on Barcelona.

On the first day, they celebrated the traditional rite of Nikkah in a spectacular catalan mansion with more than 5,000 square meters of gardens decorated in pink, white and green colours.

A spectacular hot air balloon made with natural flowers greeted their guests to the Menhdi celebration on the second day, followed by an aisle full of lights and colours in fuchsia, magenta, green, orange and yellow.

During the appetizer they had a cartoonist drawing the guests in their traditional outfits as well as shisha and henna corners.

For the dance, they had a stage and dance floor that was completely custom-made with the logo of the wedding and a design with printed flowers. For entertainment, they had a live show with one of the best Bhangra singer, followed by a show of a very popular DJ from Dubai.

On the last day they celebrated the traditional Baraat procession done in an elegant venue in Barcelona decorated in pink and gold colours.

A tree full of lights and flowers greeted the guests to the venue, as well as served as photo call and seating-plan.

For the reception a table plan with large and round tables was made as well as two stages. All the flower decoration and table styling was made to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere to the detail, with the napkins folded in a special way and the bridal table with chairs covered in custom made draped organza.

The celebration ended with the dessert and the cutting of a spectacular cake of 7 floors and 1,5m of height covered with flowers and details made with fondant.