The freshness of the sea

Dear Sonia, I write this e-mail to congratulate you.

Our wedding was a success. Our guests had a great time and told us that it was the most beautiful and funny wedding they’ve ever attended in their lives.
It is a shame that for us, the bride and groom, the time flew…
The venue was awesome, the catering was great, the appetizer, food, wines, and waiter services were impeccable. The decorations, flowers, tablecloths, etc. were very pretty and elegant.
The “surprise” of the balloons, cartoonist, etc. were great and our guests were never bored and had a lot of fun.

Seriously, the wedding was perfect and we are very happy to have hired you as our wedding planner. Good job.
Many thanks and best regards

Natalia & Eduardo, Barcelona
Wedding, July 17th, 2015 - 70 guests

Natalia and Eduardo are a couple that enjoys the sea and have it engrained in their lives as the groom Works in the maritim industry and the bride is from the Canary Islands. More than a wedding, they wanted to offer their guests a party full of colors and joyful moments.

From this, we focused on looking a venue that had sea views and we designed a celebration that would breathe “sea” without falling into the nautical cliché, for that, we proposed the invitations to have the theme “message in a bottle” and we established all the graphic line of the wedding following this theme. The seating plan was done with bottles indicating each table and in the banquet table we placed the name tags for the guests in corks.

Because they wanted a wedding with a lot of freshness and colours, we made the set up of the reception dinner with large tables in which we placed tableclothes in combinations of turquoise and toile the jouy, with a floral decoration in blue, turquoise and bright Green colours creating a very fresh and joyful atmosphere .

Because they did not want a typical wedding, we proposed to release colorful balloons during the appetizer, as well as shooting confetti in bright colours during the toasts. For entertainment, we selected a cartoonist to draw the guests during the appetizer, during the desserts, they had a comedian that is very known in Spain’s comedy club tv-show.