Joy, dance & party

Yes I do team: I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help during the wedding planning stage! Our guests had a great time during the wedding weekend which was most important.

Priyanka & Mohnish, New York
Wedding, 26th-28th of October, 2018 - 450 guests

Priyanka & Mohnish are a british-american couple with hindu/sikh roots that choose Barcelona to celebrate their 3 day wedding.

The first night they welcomed their guests to Barcelona with a chic party in the pool of a 5 star hotel where most of their guests were staying, entertained by a popular DJ from Formentera.

The second night it was a traditional Sangeet in the fantastic Finca Mas Solers located in the outskirts of Barcelona, this night was marked with Bollywood style and decorations in fuschia and orange shades with gold touches. Because it was a party characterized by traditional dance and buffet style food & drinks it was very important that it didnt have the look and feel of a dinner party, because of this we proposed a combination of round tables of diferent sizes with colorful lounge spaces so that the guests could sit to eat in between dances. We placed a central bar, a buffet area and a central dancefloor surrounded by chillout furniture.

We proposed a styling with decorations on the trees in the exterior area with combinations of lanterns and candles to welcome the guests to the venue. We proposed a faery light curtain with garlands of flowers on each side of the entrance hallway and to decorate the ceiling with floating carnations to fill the vertical space of color. The end result was a very chic colorful and modern combination perfect to transmit the joy of this celebration.

They closed the wedding weekend with an elegant reception in a 5 star hotel in Barcelona with performances from a band brought from London, a popular DJ from Formentera and a saxophonist from Ibiza

Pictures: ©Black&Blanc