White and gold elegance

Targol & Seena, Barcelona
Wedding, 18th-21st of July, 2019 - 500 guests

Targol & Seena are an iranian couple that are in love with the gastronomic culture and monuments of the city and decided to celebrate their 4 days of marriage festivities in Barcelona.

The first day they threw a party for their youngest guests in an espectacular terrace with views of iconic monuments of Barcelona.  

The second day they welcomed their guests to the city with a flamenco themed party entertained by a Catalan rumba group, a flamenco dance company and a DJ mixing Spanish and Iranian music. We designed a layout of the space in lounge format with furniture in white and red shades. 

Foto ©Crimons


The day of the wedding was characterized by the traditional Persian ceremony of Sofreh Agdh, in which a table was custom made with a pool in the middle where the offerings were placed and was framed by 2 regal peacocks made with white orchids. The ceremony had the performance of an Iranian DJ and a sextet of classical music that also performed during the appetizer. 

© Black & Blanc Fotografía


For the seating plan we proposed a flower wall with golden mirrors and calligraphy made by hand. The bridal logo was laser cut in golden wood and placed in the middle. This wall served as a division between the cocktail area and the dinner area and was opened in the middle once the cocktail was finished so the guests could enter the dinner area. 

© Black & Blanc Fotografía


For the dinner we made a table layout in which the bridal table and the dance floor were the central elements with the rests of the tables facing them. We proposed decorative lightning with chandeliers hanging from iron trees that gave a sophisticated and elegant touch to the dinner.  

© Black & Blanc Fotografía


After the dinner the guests entered the dance area to the rhythm of amazing drummers. We made a complete transformation of the dance space covering the floors with white carpet, placing a dance floor and lounge furniture in white and gold shades for a clean and elegant look. We placed a central dance floor in golden shades decorated with a hanging garden with greens and candles. For entertainment they had the performance of a band from United States and an Iranian DJ.  

© Diana Segura Fotografía


We designed all the graphic elements of the wedding: bridal logo, event itinerary, signage, ceremony programs, menu cards, concept and lettering of the seating plan and 2 dance floors.

The last day they celebrated a brunch in the infinity pool of a 5 star hotel of Barcelona where they offered their guests a massage corner so they could end the 4 days festivities relaxed and refreshed. 

©Black & Blanc Fotografía
©Diana Segura Fotografía